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 The Poster-Making Process


u          Please adhere to the following process for creating posters; files sent through e-mail shall not be accepted.

u          For urgent orders or posters that must be collected on the same day, customers must call first to confirm the collection time. Whether same-day pickup is available is determined by the daily workload.

u   To collect your poster, please bring a “proof of payment” (issued by the accounting office) or a “payment receipt” (issued by the cashier).

u          For payments that cannot be written off immediately, members can still pick up the posters by depositing a photographic identification card.

u          PPT files are the preferred format for printing the posters; PDF and JPG are also acceptable. Please ensure that your posters meet the size and resolution (300 DPI and above) requirements.

u   The Core Facility Center uses the “Huakang” word font. Should you require the poster be printed in another word font, please submit the font file to the Instrument Center for installation.


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