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臺北醫學大學優秀博士後研究人員獎勵辦法 (TMU Regulations for Subsidies for Outstanding Post-Doctoral Research Fellows)

Poster:Post date:2015-04-28


TMU Regulations for Subsidies for

Outstanding Post-Doctoral Research Fellows





第一條 本校為因應學術研究需要,吸引優秀人才,創新人才培育,特訂定「臺北醫學大學優秀博士後研究人員獎勵辦法」(以下簡稱本辦法)。

Article 1

To assist in research and to attract and nurture talent, TMU has established these regulations.


第二條 本辦法所稱之優秀博士後研究人員,係指各類計畫下所延攬之博士後研究人員,其延攬經費源自於計畫經費補助,且其論文發表、計畫參與及其他相關研究成果表現優異者。

Article 2

“Outstanding post-doctoral research fellows” are research fellows in post-doctoral programs whose research funds are from the project and who have outstanding performance records in associated fields of research, such as having papers published or presented or participating in projects.


第三條 本獎勵之申請,由計畫主持人於核定選通知後一個月內向研究發展處提出,若博士後研究人員為執行多年期計畫,得視每年計畫執行情況於計畫期間再提出申請。

Article 3
After the Director of the project has approved the application, it should be forwarded to the Office of Research and Development. If the fellow is involved in a multi-year project, applications for subsidies can be filed again if needed.


第四條 優秀博士後研究人員之審查,由校長遴聘委員五至七人組成審查小組進行審查事宜。獲選之優秀博士後研究人員頒發獎狀(),在職期間另頒發獎勵金,每年最高獎勵金經費上限為新台幣壹拾貳萬元整。

Article 4

The Qualification Examination will be carried out by the Qualification Examination Board, which is composed of 5 to 7 members appointed by the President.


第五條 本辦法經行政會議通過後公告施行,修正時亦同。

Article 5

These regulations are established, announced and enforced by the Administrative Committee, and any amendments are subject to the same approval procedures.

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