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臺北醫學大學學生論文獎學金實施辦法 (Regulations for thesis scholarships at Taipei Medical University)

Poster:Post date:2015-04-28


Regulations for thesis scholarships at Taipei Medical University

第一條        本校為提昇學術研究水準,獎勵學生學術論文發表,特訂定「學生論文獎學金實施辦法」(以下簡稱本辦法)。

Article 1   These rules are enacted to promote the level of academic research and encourage the publication of students’ theses and dissertations.

第二條        凡本校在學學生其研究成果以本校名義發表於SCISSCIEI A&HCI期刊,且該篇論文學生為第一作者,指導教授(含共同指導教授)為通訊作者,始得提出申請。

Article 2  Any student who during their term of study at TMU publishes a paper in a journal indexed in SCI, SSCI, EI or A&HCI listing their affiliation with the University may apply for this award. The applicant shall be the first author, and the tutor shall be corresponding author.

第三條        每人申請以三篇當年發表之論文為限,且每篇以獎勵一次為限。

Article 3  Each applicant may apply with up to three papers per year, and each article can be granted once.

第四條        學生論文獎之獎勵金額,按照教師研究論文獎獎勵金額乘以0.5 計算(每篇論文若有兩位()以上之第一作者,獎勵金額除以第一作者數計算(第一作者皆為北醫學生者除外))。申請者需填具申請表一份,並檢附相關論文抽印本、校正本(galley proof)或接受函向研究發展處研究推動中心提出申請,採隨到隨審制。總獎勵金額如超過該年度預算,則每件獎勵金額按比例刪減。

The amount of the students’ thesis scholarships equals to half of the teacher’s dissertation payment. If the thesis has two or more first authors, the same amount would be divided equally among the authors. However, first authors all being the students of the University are excluded from the regulation. Applicants should submit an application form with offprints of related papers, gallery proofs, or letters of acceptance to the Office of Research and Development throughout the calendar year. If the total amount of the scholarships is beyond the budget, each amount shall be reduced in proportion.

第五條        博士後研究人員比照學生給予獎勵。

The postdoctoral research fellows shall act accordingly.

第六條        本辦法經行政會議通過後公告施行;修正時亦同。

These regulations shall be implemented after an Administrative Meeting, which is to be recorded for inspection.

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