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臺北醫學大學聘任外籍博士後研究人員獎勵辦法 (TMU Regulations for Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher Grants)

Poster:Post date:2015-04-28


TMU Regulations for

Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher Grants



Drawn up and approved by the Office of Research and Development meeting on April 11, 2012


Drawn up and approved by the Administrative Council on April 18, 2012


Registered by the TMU secretariat as decree 1010001247 with a total of 5 articles on April 26, 2012


第一條  本校為因應學術研究需要,落實研發能力養成,特訂定「臺北醫學大學聘任外籍博士後研究人員補助辦法」(以下簡稱本辦法)。

Article 1   TMU has set up the Taipei Medical University Regulations for Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher Grants, hereafter referred to as “this regulation,” in order to cultivate research talent.

第二條  本辦法所稱之外籍博士後研究人員,係指本校各補助計畫下所延攬之博士後研究人員,其延攬經費源自於計畫經費補助者。

Article 2 Foreign postdoctoral researchers are those employed under various university research grant programs and those whose funds come from research grant recipients.

第三條  外籍博士後研究人員之申請,由計畫主持人於各計畫核定通知後一個月內提出,經研究發展處審查相關文件後核定辦理獎勵。審查通過者加給補助獎勵金,獎勵標準最高以每案延攬博士後研究核定總經費之20%為原則。

Article 3 Postdoctoral researchers submit their applications via the project leader within one month after the research proposal has been approved. The grant application will be reviewed by the Office of Research and Development. Approved applicants will receive a grant with the maximum amount calculated as 20% of the total approved funding for recruited postdoctoral researchers per project.

第四條  外籍博士後研究人員獎勵金經費得使用於研究相關費用之支出,包括儀器設備及修繕、臨時工資、論文發表、藥品耗材、實驗動物、會議及差旅交通、文具雜支等,並得與其他預算經費合併使用,其經費核銷不受該研究計畫執行期限之限制。

Article 4 Foreign postdoctoral researcher grants must be spent on research-related expenditures including equipment, repairs, temporary wages, publishing papers, pharmaceutical supplies, laboratory animals, travel expenses to meetings and stationery. Grants must be used in conjunction with other funds. Applications to have expenses written off by the grant may be submitted past the research project deadline.

第五條  本辦法經行政會議通過後公告施行,修正時亦同。

Article 5  This regulation comes into effect once passed by the executive council. Amendments also come into effect in this way.



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