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鼓勵教師參加國際學術會議補助辦法 (TMU Subsidy Regulations for Faculty Attending International Academic Conferences)

Poster:Post date:2015-04-28


TMU Subsidy Regulations for Faculty Attending International Academic Conferences





第一條 本校為鼓勵專任教師參加國際會議、促進國際交流及開拓國際視野,特


Article 1. These regulations have been established to encourage faculty to attend international conferences, to promote international interaction and to broaden the horizons of teaching staff.


第二條 本辦法所稱國際會議係指在國外舉行之國際性學術會議(國際學術會議:係指「對外公開徵稿」及有「審稿制度」,且會議發表者至少有3個國家/地區()以上人員參與,即可認定為國際學術會議。)

Article 2. International conferences are defined as international academic conferences held overseas that publically call for papers and have a review system. There should be attendees from at least three different countries or areas.


第三條 本校專任教師參加國際會議,須同時為專題演講者或論文主發表人(第一作者),且該論文以本校名義發表者。

Article 3. Full-time faculty who wish to apply for subsidy should be a speaker for a keynote speech or presenting a paper as first author, and the paper should be published in the name of the university.



第四條 本辦法補助每案新臺幣五仟元整,每學年度補助各專任教師以一次為限,申請人應於該國際會議舉行日期至少四週前送案至研究發展處辦理。

Article 4. A subsidy of 5000 NTD shall be given per case. Full-time instructors can apply once an academic year. The applicant should submit the complete application at the Office of Research and Development at least four weeks before the international conference.


第五條 本辦法受補助者需於返國二週內,檢具相關文件,經系所主管核可,送


Article 5. Those who receive subsidies should turn in associated papers within two weeks after returning from the international conference. After the papers have been examined by the head of the program or institute, it shall be sent to the Office of Research and Development and archived. Verification should abide by associated university regulations. If there are any changes to the applicant’s schedule, the Office of Research and Development should be notified. 


第六條 本辦法經行政會議通過後公告施行,修正時亦同。

Article 6. These regulations are established, announced and empowered by the Administrative Committee, and any amendments are subject to the same approval process.


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