Organization & Position

Office of Research and Development
照片Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Decorative imageDean7100;3150Email 
Decorative imageVice Dean7156Email 
Decorative imageVice Dean7503Email 
Research Promotion Center
照片Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Decorative imageDirectorSandy7121Email1. Operational coordination.
2. Research resource integration.
3. Executive Council coordination.
4. Research promotional activities.
5. Implementation of the project mission.
Decorative imageMs.Ling7114Email1. Application of New Faculty Research Grant.
2. Research center (Review, Set up, Development and Evaluation)
3. Research and Development Conference.
4. Application of Student Paper Award.
5.Researchers Appointment Review Meeting
6. Grants for Attending International Conferences [Teacher]
Decorative imageMs.Evatung7122Email1.Application of Hospital Alliance Program.
2.Integrated research project funding.
3.Reward management for outstanding research colleges and departments.
4.Receiving and dispatching of Official documents.
5.Promote and organize research-related activities
Decorative imageMs.TracyKang7112Email1. Administrative affairs of Government (Ministry of Science and Technology) Research Project.
2. Short-term research support funding. [Teacher]
3. Reward for International Symposium with publish SCI Journals as final products
4. TMU Academic Research Awards [Article 12]
Decorative imageMr.Jayyang7115Email1.Administrative affairs of Government (Ministry of Health and Welfare, other subsidiary bodies, and National Health Research Institutes…etc.) Research Project.
2.Teachers and Students Joint Academic Research Symposium.
3.Project Plan (MOE's Higher Education Sprout Project, MOE's Funding program).
4.R&D Office Webpage Management.
5.Research Promotion Center project contact person.
Decorative imageMr.Benchen7111Email1. Application of TMU Academic Research Awards
2.Faculty Merit Pay
 ■ TMU
 ■ Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST)
 ■ Ministry of Education(MOE)
3.Academic ethics case review.
Decorative imageMs.Yu Yin Wei7192Email1.English editing of academic papers
2.Teachers' research indicator system management: A&B form
3.Interscholastic collaborative research projects (NTUST/University System of Taipei)
4.Maintance and management of University System of Taipei application system for research project
5.Maintance and management of Teachers' publication system
6.Maintance and management of SCI/SSCI ranking system
Decorative imageMs.Shu-Min, Huang7113Email1. Chair Professor Application
2. Grants for Attending International Conferences [Student, Postdoctoral researcher]
3.Grants for Short-term study abroad [Teacher, PhD student]
4.Higher Education Sprout Project related TMU-projects
5.R&D office contact window
Decorative imageMs.Ally7123Email1. Academic Ethics Training and Lecture
2. Outstanding Postdoctoral Researchers Reward
3. Foreign Postdoctoral Researchers Reward
Laboratory Animal Center
照片Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Decorative imageDirectorH.S.Chang Email 
Decorative imageTechnician7153Email 
Decorative imageVeterinarianKate Chang7152Email 
Decorative imageMs.7151Email 
Decorative imageFeeder7251Email 
Decorative imageFeeder7259Email 
Decorative imageFeeder7253Email 
Decorative imageFeeder7252Email 
Decorative imageFeeder7257Email 
Decorative imageFeeder Email 
Decorative imageTechnician#7154Email 
Core Facility Center
照片Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Decorative imageDirectorAustin ChangMorning 7633 Afternoon 2634EmailLaser Confocal microscope, Fluorescence microscope, Deconvolution microscope and Intracellular Ion Image microscopy technician.
Decorative image副主任Clement Lee2632Email1. Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS) technician
2. Electron microscope technician
3. Surface Plasma Resonance (SPR) technician
Decorative imageTechnicianChiang, Di-Hsuan2684Email1. Flow cytometry technician
2. Flow sorter technician
3. Poster printing
Decorative imageTechnicianHsiung, Yuan-Chin2638Email1. Q-TOF mass spectrometer technician
2. Real-Time PCR technician
Decorative imageTechnicianLiu, Chun-Chih2687Email1. Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer technician
2. Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer technician
Decorative imageTechnicianChang, Pi-Chuan2635Email1. Deconvolution Microscope technician
2. TissueFAXS technician
3. Seahorse XF24 technician
Decorative imageTechnicianChen, Huei-MinMon~Wed 3251 Thu and Fri 2635EmailElectron microscopy technician
Decorative imageTechnicianKu, Chia-Wei2630Email1.300NMR technician
Decorative imageTechnicianAmy Wang2686Email1.500NMR technician
2.P1 and P2+ laboratory
Decorative imageTechnicianWang, Ting-Hao2635Email1. Lascer Confocal technicain
2. TissueFAXS technician


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